Who Is Dan Poole?

Many Interests. Many Talents.

I have been called a Creative Superhero. While that may stem from my early Spider-man "Fan Film" work, I believe it is also because I am able to quickly create effective and engaging video content from the smallest of client direction.

I am a Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Writer, Editor, Actor and have experience with nearly everything on a movie set. I started out as a one man studio, learning every aspect of video production over years of working on my own as well as with talented professionals.  I now hire many of these craftspeople as needed when it's time to shoot.

Among my superpowers is the ability to make people feel comfortable during a production and especially on camera. Whether it be professional actors, customer testimonials or a timid executive, I make everyone look as natural as an Oscar winner.  Just ask Hugh Jackman, who preferred my style of Directing over Bryan Singer's on the set of X-Men II.  And if you can't reach him, just ask me - I never get tired of telling that story!

Having roots as an indie filmmaker, I discovered my innate capacity for resourcefulness and making each dollar spent look like $100. I have years of experience getting the most out of a fixed budget, even when working with clients like Google and Nordstrom.

I also possess the energy of 3-4 mortal humans.  5 if I have a latt√©.